Science Practical Examinations will be held as per the schedule given below. 01.10.2015 – Grade 9 , 05.10.2015 and 6.10.2015 – Grade 10.

For Parents / Guardians

1. The parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with the School Authorities in maintaining proper discipline in, ensuring better functioning of, the school, and following the School rules.

2. The parents are expected to call on the Principal/Teachers periodically to enquire about, and ensure the progress of, their children.

3. The school hours are from 08.40 am to 03.30 pm.  Late comers, without satisfactory reasons, will not be admitted.

4. In case of a change in the address or telephone number, the class teacher must be informed of the same immediately.

5. The circulars, notices etc. sent through the students may please be acknowledged in the space provided in the diary and attended to.

6. The class teacher must be informed if your ward stops availing of the school bus facility.  The use of school transport even for a day will entail the payment of fees for the entire month.

7. Non-vegetarian food is not permitted in the school premises.

8. Students are not allowed to bring to school magazines, periodicals, posters, camera, mobile phones, transistor, cassette player, cassettes, I pod, CDs etc. without prior permission from the Principal.  Any such articles found in possession of your ward, will result in the confiscation of the same and suspension of your ward.  Confiscated articles will not be returned.

9. Students are instructed not to bring to school motor cycle, scooter etc.

10. Parents are requested not to enter any class room during school hours.

11. Parents/guardians who wish to meet their wards during school hours, must first meet the Principal who will then make necessary arrangements if he feels the meeting is important.  It shall not however be encouraged.

12. Parents/guardians who wish to meet teachers may do so during intervals in the staff room.

13. Parents/guardians are responsible for the proper completion of their ward’s home work/home studies.  Those who come to the school without completing their home work will not be permitted in the class.

14.  The School will take all steps and precautions to avoid accidents and such other happenings. However the School cannot take any responsibility legal or otherwise for accidents, injuries etc., sustained by the students at any time during their stay in the school including while taking part in sports, games or any such activity.

All expenses that may be incurred in the treatment of injuries illness etc. will be borne by the parent/guardian.  In case a student is to be taken home during school hours the parent must come himself/herself and request the Principal in writing.  The Principal will permit the student to be taken home only after satisfying himself/herself the reason and the identity of the parent.

15. Under no circumstance parents/guardians should dictate terms to the school authorities.

16. Parents are advised to carefully go through the progress card of their wards and to sign and return the same within three days of its receipt.

17. The parents/guardians are expected to check their ward’s school diary daily and to sign as token of having seen the remarks, if any.

Leave Rules

1. Regular attendance is a must.

2. In unavoidable circumstances, prior sanction of leave must be obtained from school.  Leave application must be signed by the parent.

3. No student shall leave the school campus without the prior permission of the Principal during working hours.

4. Half-day leaves, after coming to the school, may be granted only in extreme emergency.

5. If a student is absent for a month, without prior sanction of leave, his/her name will be struck off the school rolls without any notice.

6. Attendance on the reopening day after vacation is compulsory.

Withdrawal of Students

1. The application for Transfer Certificate must be submitted, in the prescribed form, in advance.  Parents are advised not to withdraw their wards during an academic session.

2. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all the school dues are cleared.

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