Science Practical Examinations will be held as per the schedule given below. 01.10.2015 – Grade 9 , 05.10.2015 and 6.10.2015 – Grade 10.

Co-Scholastic Areas

Besides academics, co-scholastic activities form an integral part of the school curriculum.  Required facilities are provided to the students for various activities.  We have special teachers for Art, Music, Dance, Craft, Yoga and Electronics, and Information Technology.
Our students not only excel in studies but also in Sports, Literary and Cultural Activities.
Adequate emphasis has been given to non-scholastic activities as envisaged in our National Educational Policy so that the children are offered ample opportunities to pursue their aptitude, develop their creative talents and thus evolve a wholesome personality.
They are classified as :
1. Physical Education

     i) Drill, March Past & P.T.
ii) Games & Sports
     iii) Yoga

2. Fine Arts

     i) Music
     ii) Dance
     iii) Drawing & Painting

3. Clubs

i)Literary Club
ii)Science Club
iii)Fine Arts Club
iv)Social Science Club
v)Maths Club

4. Work Experience

Book Binding, Commercial Art, Photo framing, Computer Science, Electrical,       Electronics, Metal Embossing, Lamination, Soft Toys, Cooking, Decoupage,    Stencil Work, Chalk Making, Wax Work, Glass Tanjore, Glass Painting & Doll Making.

All Kerala Bhavan’s inter-school cultural festival is organised every year.

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