Science Practical Examinations will be held as per the schedule given below. 01.10.2015 – Grade 9 , 05.10.2015 and 6.10.2015 – Grade 10.

Our Steering Team

Principal Ms.Anila M.Jayachandran, M.Sc., B.Ed.
Vice-Principal Ms.B.Vijayalakshmi, M.Sc. (Math),B.Ed.
Primary in-charge Ms.Jaimol A V, M.A., B.Ed.
Co-ordinator Ms.Jyothi P.,M.Sc, MCA
Ms.Meera Sathyan, M.A., B.Ed.

Ms.Nancy Sudhakaran., M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Geetha Vasudevan, M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Sabitha Babu, M.A., B.Ed.

Ms.Navia K. S., M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Bindu C.,M.A.,B.Ed.

Mr.Anoop Sankaran,M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Lakshmi Nair,M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Geetha S Kumar,M.A.,B.Ed

Ms.Sreelatha K., M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Geetha P.S, M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Sindhu K Menon., M.A.,B.Ed.

Mr.Hari C.N.,M.A.,B.Ed.

Mr.Anish P.A.,M.A.,B.Ed.

Hindi Ms.Radhika K,M.A.,B.Ed.


Ms.Anitha Gopinath, M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed.

Ms.Sreedevi Girijan, M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.A.Sangeetha M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Sophia Jose, M.A.,B.Ed.

Sanskrit Ms.Madhavi K M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Jayanthi P.S.,M.A.,B.Ed.


Mathematics Ms.Leelakumari R.,M.Sc.,B.Ed.

Ms.Rinu Mary John, M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Annie Davis, M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Roopa Mohanan, M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Sunila S., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Dhanya K.P., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Vijaya B., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Sandhya P.s., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.A.Remya M.SC.,B.Ed

Ms.Lakshmi S., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Physics Smitha T.V,M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.C.A

Mr.Santhosh R.,M.Sc., B.Ed.

Ms.Suma S., B.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Shine P.S., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Uma P.R., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Divya Chandran, M.Sc.,B.Ed

Chemistry Ms.Kavitha C.M., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Divya C.S, M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Shabeena T.A., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Divyambika P.K., B.Sc.,B.Ed

Biology Ms.Sheba Prasad,M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Ambili N.A.,M.Sc.,B.Ed.

Mr.Pramod S., M.Sc.,B.Ed

Ms.Sudha T.,M.Sc.,B.Ed.

Social Science Ms.Sheeja Pavarattikaran,M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Omana Vasudevan ,M.A,B.Ed.

Ms.Sindhu Menon ,M.A,B.Ed

Ms.Sindhu Jayan,M.A.,B.Ed.

Ms.Manju Divakar, M.A.,B.Ed

Ms.Jaimol A.V, M.A.,B.Ed

Ms.Ambika Suresh, M.A.,B.Ed

Ms.Bini Balakrishnan, M.A.,B.Ed

Ms.Jisha Jayan, B.A.,B.Ed

Computer Science Ms.Suma U., MCA

Ms.Shamily T., MCA

Ms.Jyothi P.,M.Sc, MCA

Electronics Ms.Manju M.Nambiar,Dip in Electronics,Dip in Fine Arts
SUPW Ms.Valsala S.,Certificate in textile designing crafts and yoga


Physical Education Mr.Sunny Varghese,B.A.,B.PES,NIS

Ms.Vigy K.S., M.P.ED.

Mr.Ranju K,B.A.,B.P.Ed

Music Ms.Suma C.Ganabhooshanam, B.A(Eco)
Dance Ms.Vismitha A.S., M.A. (Bharatanatyam)
Art Mr.Ajithkumar K.K., National Dip. in Fine Arts
Librarian Mr.Praveen C.,B.Sc.,Lib.Sc.,MCA
Yoga Mr.Asok K G.,M.Sc. in Yoga
Special Education Ms.Soyakumari V.P.,B.A.,M.SC.,PGDCA,Foundation course in Disability

Ms.Getzie Premasudha B.Sc.,B.Ed. in Spl.Edu.(M.R.)PGDPR & J.ADIM

Kinder Garten
Ms.Umadevi K.P. (In-charge)

Ms.Prameela Sreedharan

Ms. Smitha S.Nair

Ms.Priya Joshi

Town School Ms.Nila Unni, (In-charge)

Ms.Nila Unni, (In-charge)

Ms.Annapoorna Devadas

Ms.Rajani Vijayakumar

Ms.Aiswarya Anand

Ms.Mini Rajeev

Contract Teachers Ms.Sindhu Sunny-Commerce

Ms.Sigma K.G-Craft

Ms.Nisha Prasad-Computer Science

Ms.Sreelatha R.Menon-Science

Ms.Ambily Baby-Special Education

Administrative Staff Supervisor:Girish P V

Clerk (UDC):Mr.K.Nandakumar

(LDC) Mr.Sasi M B

Mr.Santhosh P.

Peon/Attender Mr.Viswanathan S V
House Keeping Ms.Devayani K.A.

Ms.Sugandhi T.C

Ms.Indiradevi P V

Ms.Ajitha K

Ms.Lijitha V M

Ms.Rakhi P R

Ms.Lathika P K

Ms.Rekha P R

Ms.Anitha K M

Ms.Nisha Jayan

Ms.Bindu Suresh

Ms.Radha T K

Ms.Kalyani Sunil

Ms.Mohini P K

About Us

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