Science Practical Examinations will be held as per the schedule given below. 01.10.2015 – Grade 9 , 05.10.2015 and 6.10.2015 – Grade 10.

About Us

Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Thrissur started its second CBSE School, Kualpati Munshi Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir at Pottore, Kolazhy Panchayat, Thrissur, named after the illustrious founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kulapati K.M. Munshi in June 2004.

The establishment of the second school within the radius of 7kms from Thrissur has been in response to increasing pressure of admission to Bhavan’s Schools known for quality education.

In the first phase of the development of the new educational campus at Pottore, Thrissur, Class LKG to Class V started functioning from June 2004 with all infrastructural facilities. The school has obtained Affiliation for Secondary School Examination of the Board and it has been upgraded to a higher secondary school in 2010.

The school has a strength of 2835 students and the staff numbers 90.Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Pottore is now a full-fledged institution thanks to the combined effort and support from the management, teachers and parents. May this support be sustained throughout and may the banner of the Bhavan fly high in Thrissur.


Kulapati Munshi Bhavans’s Vidya Mandir, Pottore was established in June 2004. With the dawn of the year 2013 the school enters its ninth year of service:

1. Bhavan’s Bala Mandir,Korapath Lane ,Thrissur.
2. Bhavan’s Bala Mandir,Pottore,Thrissur.
3. Kulapati Munshi Bhavans Vidya Mandir,Pottore.

• The Main Block for Classes VI-XII
• Primary Block for Classes 1-V
• Serene and Silent School Campus
• Well furnished classrooms, an exclusive audio visual room, fine arts corner which train students in dance, music, work experience, drawing and yoga.
• Sports room and Play field-Separate facilities for a variety of indoor and outdoor games
• Mini Auditorium and Book Store
• Spacious and a fully computerized library containing more than 8000 books
which is are classified according to DDC (Dewey decimal classification)
• The School has full-fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science for students of class XI and XII. For juniors up to Class X there are 5 junior laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Electronics. A dedicated group of teachers are always available to help students.
• Smart Class
• Resource Room

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